Wandering Traveler

Over 20 years experience working with a variety of different sales processes and cycles, has allowed the development and delivery of a process that is focused on nurturing and delivering opportunity.

It is a common theme for business to go through the boom and bust cycle with pipeline and sales. Often Marketing & Telesales are not enough to support the sales function, or not the right option.

Smaller or one man operations would also find this a useful process for making sure they have enough business flow. It is easy to get caught up in today's business that there is none for tomorrow or next year.

It is designed for B2B & M&A, where the pipeline can benefit both short term "Now Business" and long term development and nurture "New Business".

It is about being present and visible at the right time, now, tomorrow or three years from now whilst at the same time systematically growing your reach and expanding exposure to your business offering.


Recent Projects

50 accounts sourced and Engaged.

4 Sales Opportunities passed to sales.

36% engage rate

New Business Pilot

B2B Services