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Provide your Sales Teams with the tools they need to deliver new business opportunities

Business Meeting


This training program has been developed specifically to provide your sales teams with the tools they need to deliver new business opportunities on a regular basis.

Anyone running this process, part or full time can deliver an ongoing supply of sales ready leads, increase your target market database and improve your new business processes, which ultimately will contribute to your top and bottom lines.

Business Meeting

Training that delivers..

  • New Business Mindset

  • Process Workflow

  • CRM

  • Web Analytics

  • Sales Messages to engage

  • Hunting the buyer

  • Lead Nurturing

  • Task Management

  • Target Market Identification

Business Team 2

Create More..

  • Live sales opportunities

  • Future sales opportunities

  • New account targets

  • An ever growing CRM

  • A new business culture

  • New relationships

  • New Markets

  • Revenue..

Business Presentation


  • Sales business intelligence

  • A pipeline of future opportunity

  • Sales messages & engagement

  • A happier sales team!

  • Refine your processes

  • Increase your engagement

  • Your organic growth strategy

  • Revenue..

Recent Projects

50 accounts sourced and Engaged.

4 Sales Opportunities passed to sales.

36% engage rate

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